Chiropractic FAQs

Chiropractic Care Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chiropractic Care Safe?
Chiropractic is very safe. It avoids invasive procedures or addictive drugs. Chiropractic care is a natural approach to better health that is proven safe and effective.

What is a subluxation?
It’s when a bone or joint is misaligned within the socket.

What causes a subluxation?
Accidents, injuries, improper lifting or body mechanics and inherited spinal weaknesses are common causes of subluxations. Other causes include prolonged sitting, poor sleeping habits, poor posture, obesity, slips and falls, car accidents, stress, a sedentary lifestyle, sports injuries, internal organ dysfunction and not enough rest or sleep.

How is a subluxation corrected?
Chiropractors treat subluxations with a hands-on manual therapy technique called a spinal adjustment, a procedure that involves applying specific directed thrusts to return vertebrae (the bones that compose the spine and protect the spinal cord) to their proper position and motion.

How will the adjustment help me?
Chiropractic adjustments help eliminate interference that prevents your body from communicating and thus healing itself. Misaligned vertebrae interfere with your nervous system, which affects organs and muscles throughout your body.

What is the expected timeline?
A recent injury can usually be resolved within only a few visits but injuries which have been present for more than 3 or 4 months could require up to 10 or more visits. The only sure way to determine how long your treatment will take is to schedule a consultation and/or examination.

What does Chiropractic Care Cost?
According to the 1993 Manga Report, along with many other studies, it was shown that chiropractic care is extremely cost effective. Costs do vary, however, and generally depend on the number of treatments required to effectively treat your condition.

Do I Have To Keep Coming Back For Treatments?
It’s recommended that you come in periodically for spinal check ups. Prevention is the key to reducing recurrences of existing health conditions and minimizing new injuries in the future. Periodic chiropractic care minimizes spinal and nerve stresses, reduces recurrences of old injuries and prevents new injuries from developing.

What is “Degenerative Disc Disease?”
If the vertebrae are incorrectly positioned (subluxated), for whatever reason, the motion segment (two or more vertebra) doesn’t move properly then that causes wear and tear on the disc. As abnormal forces apply undue stress on the disc it will eventually wear out or “bulge” or “herniate”.

How does chiropractic care help pregnant women?
Pregnancy places additional weight and stress on women’s bodies. Chiropractic treatment can help relieve pregnancy-related low back, leg, neck and shoulder blade pain. It has also been shown that women under chiropractic care while pregnant have significantly less labor time and the chances of complications with delivery.

Is it true that chiropractors do not prescribe medication or perform surgery?
Yes. Chiropractors don’t prescribe medication or perform invasive procedures. They believe the body has the ability to heal itself, and therefore focus on providing it with the right elements for self-restoration. This makes chiropractic one of the safest of all treatments.

What do I do if I am in an accident?
If you are involved in an accident that causes immediate pain, see a physician immediately. Many persons come to a chiropractic office for care long after an accident, making the symptoms more difficult to treat. Injuries are best treated within the first 5-7 days with chiropractic care.

What is an adjustment?
A chiropractic adjustment is the art of using a specific low-force in a precise direction applied to a bone that is subluxated, “stuck,” or not moving properly. This “adjustment” adds motion to the spinal joints helping the bone gradually return to more normal motion and more normal position.

Are all patients adjusted the same way?
No. The doctor evaluates each patient’s unique spinal problem and develops an individual care program. There are numerous types of spinal adjustments.

Do spinal adjustments weaken or loosen the spine in any way?
No. Spinal adjustments restore the normal, healthy motion and position that each spinal segment requires. In order for the spine to be strong, the spinal bones must be in normal alignment and have their normal amount of movement. Spinal adjustments do just that.

Can I adjust myself?
It is virtually impossible to adjust oneself. It is possible to turn or twist in certain ways to create a “popping” sound, like the sound that often accompanies a chiropractic adjustment. Unfortunately, this type of joint “manipulation” is usually counterproductive.

How often should I get a spinal adjustment?
As soon as you develop “spinal nerve stress.” Since spinal nerve stress is often painless, it is best to have your spine checked regularly, just as you would have your teeth checked for “painless” cavities.

Can someone with arthritis in their spine receive chiropractic care?
Yes. While there are various types of arthritis, the most common type occurring in the spine is called osteoarthritis. With few exceptions people with degenerative osteoarthritis find chiropractic adjustments a great help in relieving their symptoms and improving their overall body movement.

Can chiropractic prevent back surgery?
Most surgical cases begin with spinal subluxations which chiropractic can often correct. If a condition is detected soon enough, generally, back surgery would rarely be needed.

Can a person who had back surgery see a chiropractor?
Yes. We have cared for numerous patients who have had various types of spinal surgeries with good results. It’s an unfortunate fact that half of those who have spinal surgery discover a return of their original problems months or years later. This all too-common occurrence is known as “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.” Chiropractic can often help avoid repeated operations.

Can a person with a broken back or neck see a chiropractor?
In the majority of cases, yes. In fact, a broken bone forms a callus or bone scar when it heals that is stronger than the rest of the bone. People who have had broken bones in particular need chiropractic check-ups because accidents usually cause spinal subluxations.