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Emily B.

Tue, 09/25/18


Always the best!

I feel far more taken care of here than any other of my “care” folks. The Courtney is personable and authentically delightful, it has been so good to find somewhere that listens and tends to my unique needs and specific wants. Chiropractic care is one of the reasons I can still teach dance, nothing is more rewarding, so to be able to continue is extremely important.

Michael T.

Tue, 07/17/18


Young again !!

I always feel younger after my monthly visit with Dr. deWet and Courtney. They make you feel cared for and welcome, never just rushed through! They do for me what I can’t. This old body thanks them for a better quality of life!!

Misty J.

Mon, 07/16/18


Life Changing

I had chronic back and neck pain. I’ve found that chiropractic helped, but others were not as gentle or caring as Dr DeWet. If you’ve never tried chiropractic and are looking for someone who will be as gentle as needed, Dr DeWet is for you! I no longer have chronic pain and go for maintenance appointments now. You won’t be disappointed!

Valerie C.

Fri, 07/13/18



Dr. DeWet is very professional and caring.        

Kathryn d.

Mon, 07/02/18


Really appreciate the warm pad and massager machine on neck/back prior to the appointment, really helps me prepare to receive a good adjustment. Everything is quiet and calm, smells good in the office. Dr de Wet is calm, patient and has a warm presence. She was able to squeeze me in for a last minute “emergency” appt which was much appreciated. A pleasurable experience visiting today, thank you!

Cynthia J

Wed, 04/04/18


Really impressed.

Dr. De Wet was very thorough and really helped me a lot with my acute pain. Dr. De Wet will definitely be my chiropractor now that I have moved to Napa.

Jacquelyn C.

Wed, 02/07/18


Very knowledgeable

She told me what was going on. What to do an not do so I didn’t aggravate my existing issue. Super friendly make one feel at ease juat when entering her office space.

Alan J.

Fri, 01/19/18


Dr. Gina de Wet

Best chiropractor I’ve ever had! I highly recommend her.

Can’t recommend Dr. deWet enough!
“Years ago my wife was having back problems but was nervous about going to a chiropractor because she had heard stories that adjustments could be uncomfortable. She chose Dr. Gina because she was a woman and thought she might be more gentle and helpful.  She was 100% correct in her choice. She liked her so much that I started going to her. She is gentle, respectful and spends time to educate you on what you can do do have a more healthly back. Over the years we have had numerous times when were having back pain and she has always been able to reduce or eliminate the pain in just one or a couple of visits. We’ve recommended her to many people who have had similar results.”
Ron R.

“I thought it was great. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, I guess you could say the thought of going to one made me nervous because of all my previous injuries l thought it might make things worce. The doctor made me feel at ease and discussed my injuries and what she could do to help alleviate the pain I’m having. I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment and getting the help I need. Thank you James Jackson PS. Would definitely recommend friends and family to your office.”
James Jackson

Amazing Healing
“Living pain free after years of hip neck and back and foot pain …finding Dr De Wet was truly a blessing and worth every penny.”
Connie Rodriguez

So Lucky!
“My first visit after a car accident over 3 weeks ago. The staff made me feel welcome — they were so nice and professional! Dr. de Wet was AWESOME! She never left any stone unturned in my examine! She made me feel comforted and that I was in good hands. Very professional, kind, and knowledgeable! I look forward to being treated and on my path to wellness!”
Janeen Alexandre

The most comprehensive Chiropractic exam I’ve ever had.
Dr. de Wet is incredibly thorough and kind. She found some areas of my spine that weren’t moving well and is helping me re-gain full mobility of my neck. Dr. de Wet is good at explaining what is/will happen so treatment is efficient and smooth. Great Dr. – I highly recommend her.
L Bray

“Always the best of the best !”
Jackie Kaiser

Kind and welcoming
“I’m a stay at home mom to three littles and Dr. De Wet’s office is always to kind and welcoming! Dr. Gina is an excellent chiropractor and the front office always go out of their way to try and help contain my busy little people so I can get the adjustment I need.”
Chelsea Hennings

“As always, I was greeted cheerfully as soon as I walked in. A room was ready for me several minutes prior to my scheduled appointment. The pre- adjustment massage and heating pad really help me to relax. I have maintenance appointments because I know I could be in a really bad place without them! Doctor is always kind, professional, and willing to listen to any concerns I may have. I sing her praises often!”
Jenny B

Great office!!!
“I felt very comfortable from the second I walked into the office. The whole office was very friendly. I was put to ease with my concerns from Dr deWet. Great visit!”
Lisa Johanson

Very Professional and friendly!
“Love Gina and her staff always feel like I’m treated like family. They take very good care of everyone there. My whole family goes and has never had a bad thing to say!”
Sharon Densmore

“When my last chiropractor retired, I sort of forgot about chiropractic until last week when I threw my lower back out while washing the dog. It was horribly painful but after seeing Dr. de Wet just a couple of times, I was back in the game! Dr. de Wet wasn’t just concerned with the immediate problem but with my overall health and is working to resolve other less painful problems. Thanks, Dr. de Wet!” – J.M.

 “Dr. de Wet’s treatment was just what I needed when I needed it. I’m happy to have found her and would recommend her to any of my friends.”  – L.E.

“Professional, caring and effective.”
Mike Smith

“Dr. De Wet helped relieve more pain in two visits than my HMO did in seven years. Her treatments have been very effective, gentle where needed and tailored to my specific needs. She is not a ‘cookie cutter chiropractor’ that does the same treatment every time to every person. Hands down the most immediate relief I have ever had from any D.C. Dr. De Wet Fixed a pinched nerve in neck/back in 1 treatment. I didn’t know it could be done. I think she is very intuitive and is practicing her calling. She is the Best D.C. I have been to in 21 years of on and off treatment. I would recommend her to anyone. What a relief!” – M.P.H.

“My experience with Dr. de Wet was fabulous. I was terrified of chiropractic adjustments and had never had the courage to try it out, even though I had continual back, neck and hip pain on my right side. Dr. de Wet was sensitive to my concerns, she went through everything slowly and explained everything in detail during treatment. After one visit, my neck pain was so improved that I realized that I hadn’t even been aware of how much pain I was in!  I’m so happy with the results of my chiropractic visits and highly recommend Dr. de Wet for anyone looking into chiropractic care.” -Velva

“My Experience with Dr. de Wet was absolutely wonderful. At first I was afraid of going to a chiropractor because I didn’t know what it was going to be like. Also just the thought of having my back worked on terrified me. When I arrived it was a whole different story, I was greeted by a very nice doctor and an adorable dog. I began to feel welcome and appreciated very quick. I began to feel better by the first visit and it just kept getting better as the treatment! s went on. I am very satisfied and keep on going to see Dr. de Wet. I can’t say it enough how wonderful she is!” – M.A.

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