Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Management with Dr. de Wet Chiropractic Care in Napa Valley

Low Back Pain is probably the most common symptom seen in a chiropractic office accounts for a large portion of worker’s compensation claims costing the U.S. in excess of $ 50 billion a year. It can be the result of improper sitting, lifting, an injury, or an inherited abnormality. These and other factors can cause or aggravate a condition know as vertebral subluxation complex. Left undetected, other conditions can result, such as damaged discs and irritated nerves.

Driving for a period of time, lifting heavy boxes, or working very long hours bending and twisting are a few obvious causes. However, the more common causes are the every day activities that we perform. Even though they don t feel painful, they cause micro traumas to our spine. That is, they cause little irritations that over a long period of time end up causing significant changes to our spinal structure and in some cases, major pain.

Chiropractic treatment typically consists of physical therapy to help reduce the muscle spasm and tightness, and the chiropractic adjustment, which helps restore normal spine and nerve function to the affected areas. Also, ice therapy is used to help reduce swelling. It is important in most cases to avoid the use of heat therapy such as a heating pad on the lower back.

It is important to have your spine checked on a regular basis to ensure the functionality of your lower back. Chiropractic is safe and effective. Studies show that for many suffers of low back pain, chiropractic care is safer and more effective than surgery. Other studies show that patients under chiropractic care were able to return to normal function and activity more quickly than other patients treated with standard medical treatments.